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Karen Tanner Byrd MA, ATC, NASM-PES, MATs
  • My goal is to bring the personal back into personal training by providing you with a customized program around your needs and goals. It is never too late to start feeling your best!

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    • Why my shoes aren’t for you…

      I love workout shoes (sneakers, kicks, gym shoes or whatever else you call them).  A major perk of working in the fitness industry is that […]

    • 21 Ultimate Reset – Conclusion

      Well, we did it.  Not perfectly, but we did it.  How do I feel?  I feel like it accomplished in me what it aspired to […]

    • Ultimate Reset Update – Days 8-14 (Second week done!)

      We just wrapped up week two on the Ulimate Reset.  One more week to go!  The biggest difference in week two was that we began […]

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