3 ways to set yourself up for success - September 22nd, 2011

Do you have a hard time getting in a workout?  You are not alone.  Before you just put on those shoes and jump into your routine, let me share 3 ways you can set yourself up for successful workouts.

1.  Put it on the calender. When putting it on the calender keep in mind that you need to be SPECIFIC.  Not just Tuesday or “in the afternoon”, but right down the EXACT time you plan on getting in your workout.  Schedule the workout like you would a doctor’s appt or coffee with your best friend.  Those things are priorities in your life, so make your workout a priority as well.

2.  Communicate your workout with your family and friends. By saying “I plan on working out Mondays and Thursdays between 2-3pm, I would really appreciate your support.”  If you can’t get away by yourself then encourage family or friends to put on their shoes and join you.  When you communicate your goal, you are sharing the importance of that goal while also getting accountability.

3.  Evaluate your priorities. We all know that we make time for things that we either have to or want to get done.  When things are important to you, you WILL make time.  So, if your workout is not happening, you may need to be honest with yourself by saying that your health is NOT a priority right now.  After you are honest, you can figure out why it is not a priority and slowly make changes to set yourself up for success.



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