Burn All Summer Long - June 9th, 2010

Welcome to summer! I am excited that summertime is here and I can imagine that you are too! Whether you get to enjoy a change of pace, time at the lake, or just the warmer weather, summer is a great time of year to get and stay active. Unfortunately due to the change of schedule, it can be hard to motivate yourself to “get moving” during these fun months. So here are few of my tips to keep you consistant and BURNING FAT this summer.

  • If you are limited on time, get the resistance training in and sweeze cardio in when you get the chance. One of the BIGGEST mistakes individual’s make in their workouts is to become someone I refer to as the “Cardio Junkie.” That personlikes to do cardio (biking, running, walking, swimming, etc) five days a week for one hour and doesn’t have time for the resistance workouts. Three words for you. MUSCLES BURN FAT. Lean muscle elevates your metabolism and helps your burn more fat when you are sitting around on the boat with friends. Basic Cardio doesn’t accomplish that same thing. My Advice: Prioritize Resistance Training and squueze in bursts of cardio with your extra time.
  • Find something new and exciting to do! Talk to your trainer (me) about spicing up your program and/or find a fun and exciting home exercise program that will motivate you to reach your goals. Check out www.karentanner.com for great home workouts programs such as TurboJam, P90X, Insanity, and other AWESOME workout programs). TURBO FIRE comes out June 18th – I am pumped about this! My Advice: Find something that will keep you excited about your workouts. That often means finding something new and exciting to do.
  • Be Social with your workouts. Most of your friends have the same schedule that you do in the summertime. Use this as an opportunity to find workout buddies, walking buddies, or something similar. This way you can catch up on your chats while also burning calories. You will always be more successful with an accountabilty partner. My advice: TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).

One last thought about summer workouts: Just do them! This is such a wonderful time of year to get out and be active. Embrace the sunshine, wonderful breezes and reach those summer goals. Don’t let the Fall season arrive and wonder what happend this past summer. Feel good about yourself. Set great goals this summer and have FUN!

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