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Why my shoes aren’t for you…

I love workout shoes (sneakers, kicks, gym shoes or whatever else you call them).  A major perk of working in the fitness industry is that […]

Hey you! Yes you. FOCUS on your goal!

It is Monday, again.  The day of the week when new goals are set and you are SERIOUS this week.  We have all been there. […]

The truth about your common exercise excuses…

Happy New Year!  And of course it is time for you to sit down and think about your aspirations for 2012.  You don’t even have […]

Forget the scale…learn to love the tape measure.

In the quest of trying to “improve” our physical appearance, it is important to focus on a form of measurement that shows success.  We focus […]

The Wobble Factor: Balance Training

Balance is an important part of our day-to-day living.   It is not just for the young or for the gymnast-in-training.  Balance is a form of […]

Is a nutritional supplement needed if I eat my fruits and veggies?

In an ideal world, we can get all the nutrition we need from the foods we eat.  I think this is how God intended it.   […]

Karen’s Favorite Things – 7 great fitness gift ideas

Are you looking for a gift idea for family or friends that have strong health and fitness goals?  Below is a list of my favorite […]

Chill Out or Heat it Up? – Ice or Heat

With a background in sports medicine, I am often the first person my family calls when an injury occurs.  Usually the call begins with “I […]

Hiring a Personal Trainer or Buying Exercise DVD’s?

A common question: “Should I hire a personal trainer to design an exercise program for me or would it be better to just get some […]