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The Wobble Factor: Balance Training

Balance is an important part of our day-to-day living.   It is not just for the young or for the gymnast-in-training.  Balance is a form of […]

TRX Suspenson Trainer Push-up

One of my favorite training tools is the TRX Suspension Trainer made by Fitness Anywhere. You can take this tool with you when you travel […]

Exercise of the Day: Push-ups with a Stability Ball

This exercise is great for working the chest, triceps and the core muscles.  You can make it easier or harder based on where you place […]

How to Do a Stability Ball Crunch

KT’s Exercise Spotlight: The Bridge

One of my “fav” exercises to introduce to clients is the Bridge.  The Bridge is a form of hip extension.   Muscles that extended the hip […]