Exercise of the Day: Push-ups with a Stability Ball - February 8th, 2011

This exercise is great for working the chest, triceps and the core muscles.  You can make it easier or harder based on where you place the ball relative to your body.  If you have the ball closer to your body (hip/thigh area), you are actually helping your body do a push-up by putting a lever (like a teeter totter) near your mid-section.  This helps subtract some of your body weight from the impact of the push-up.  But, since you are still on the ball it is also a great stability exercise, which is great for your chest, shoulder, and core muscles.

If you want to a more advanced move, you can move the ball closer to your shins/shoelaces thus making the force on your shoulders/chest more intense.

For those who want to be fancy :), you can do the push up in the same way as above, but this time lift one leg.  Alternate the leg half way through.

Caution:  If you have a history of wrist issues, push-ups are not going to be ideal for your body.  Many people like to use push-ups bars to help with this issue, but I would NOT advice using push-ups at same time as a stability ball.

*Before you try this exercise, make sure you can do a regular or modified (on your knees) pushup before attempting the Push-up with a Stability Ball.

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