Hey you! Yes you. FOCUS on your goal! - August 27th, 2012

It is Monday, again.  The day of the week when new goals are set and you are SERIOUS this week.  We have all been there.  Some of us may even be revisiting the same goals EVERY Monday.  Why does this happen?  We lose sight and we lose focus on the goal.

Whether you are trying to change a current behavior or start a new behavior, it is easy to lose focus and start making decisions that not only keep you from your goal, but they can also destroy your goal.

Below are five ways to help you make continual progress toward your goal (and avoid a groundhog day experience every Monday):

1.  Communicate your goal.  Share your goal with people you respect and trust.  Try to share that goal with at least 3 people.  If you keep your goal private, no one is there to keep you accountable.  Accountability is a great way to help you maintain focus.  Make sure the people you share this with will be encouraging and honest with you.

2.  Visible Reminders.  Put images, notes, photos, and other such items in front of your face on daily basis.  These will help you remember your goal throughout this crazy thing we call life.  When you are too stressed, too busy, or just don’t care at the moment, those little reminders might just be what you need to reel back in the focus.  See one of my own visible reminders below.

This is my MUDLOVE bracelet that I wear that helps me stay focused on my BIG goal for the week.

3.  Adjust quickly to errors.  Just because you put a hole in the wall, doesn’t mean you should burn the whole house down.  When you make a decision that is counter-productive to your goal, acknowledge the mistake and make a better decision immediately.  Notice I said “when” this mistake happens, not “if” this mistake happens.  It WILL happen.  You are human.  If you didn’t know that , we have another problem completely. 🙂  We can be ALL or NOTHING people.  If we have a slight diversion in the plan, we often throw out the entire plan (or burn the entire house down).  When distractions and mistakes happen, make positive changes right then.  Don’t wait till tomorrow.

4.  Deeply root your goals and desires.  Know why you want that goal in the first place and make sure it is rooted in something that matters deeply to you.  I often tell clients that want to lose weight to make sure they choose a reason that goes beyond just “looking better” or “getting into certain clothes.”  When your goals are based on something deep and meaningful (such as wanting to live a long and healthy life so you can see your grandchildren grow up) then it is easier to stay focused on that goal versus just wanting to “lose weight”.

5. Write it down.  Writing down your goals in some form will help YOU continually acknowledge the goal.  Some examples include: writing down your nutrition, weight/body fat, or even writing down the positive steps you have taken to help you get closer to that goal.  Sometimes you may even need to write down the decisions you made that have distracted you from your goal.  This can be on a dry erase board, a journal, or just a bunch of Post-It notes everywhere (though that could get crazy).  Writing it down is basically another form of accountability, but unlike #2, it is accountabily to yourself.

Now it is time to stop reading this and do something RIGHT NOW that will help you get one step closer to your goal!  Ready…Set…Go!

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