Ultimate Reset – Days 2 and 3 - January 4th, 2013

Day 2 was by far my hardest day.  I had a headache all day and felt like I needed a nap (which I did take).  Question: How are you at trying new foods?  I like to think of myself as an adventurous person, but I am finding that I am quite picky and stubborn in some things. (My mom is probably smiling right now).  For instance, my first instinct is to not eat rather eat much of something I don’t like.  That is not a great thing, especially if you are hungry enough.  I am working through it and realizing that food is fuel and it is good for me even if it is kale.  🙂

Day 3 was so much easier for me.  I ate what was planned and I wasn’t hungry at all.  I actually couldn’t even finish all of  my Lentil Salad because I was too full.  Unfortuntately this was the hardest day for my husband.  I started to log my calories and individual grams of fats, proteins, carbs (even sugars).  My brain was wondering what we were missing from our nutrition while doing this plan.  You know what I discovered?  For the last 3 days we had an almost IDEAL ratio of fats, proteins, and carb.  AND for the first time in EVER, I think we have kept our grams of sugar per day below the recommended 30 grams a day.  I challenge you to track your sugar.  Even when you are avoiding “refined sugar” you might find you are easily way above 30 grams a day.  EASILY.

I have discovered some other things from the reset that I would like to try to incorporate in my nutrition after the 21 days.  One would be blueberries!  Some of you are probably shocked.   I used to think they texture was disgusting.  I was much more of a strawberry girl.  But, I have found that I like blueberries too.  This is great because they are so healthy for you.  Another thing I would like to try after this is to make my own salad dressing.  The Ultimate Reset has us use homemade dressings like Creamy Garlic or Greek Dressing.  The dressings bought from the store have so much extra junk in them.  The other item I would like to use regularly is Braggs Liquid Aminos.  It is an all natural version of soy sauce and seasoning.  No preservatives or additives.  This will definitely be a new staple in my pantry.

After 3 days, my husband and I are both down about 3 lbs.  Do I know what those pounds are from, not exactly.  I did make sure we took our body fat percentages before we began to help us understand how much of fat or lean tissue we might have lost throughout this process.  The good news is, if any of it was lean tissue, that can be built back quickly.  Atrophy can happen about 2 weeks after not exercising.  So it is likely that we with both have a little atrophy.  But overall, it is not a major concern because I know we will get it back.

Let Day 4 begin!  I need to do better at drinking more water.  They recommend a gallon a day through the reset.  I feel like I am floating.




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  1. Amy Tanner says:

    Sounds interesting Karen. My doctor recommended drinking a gallon a day while I was pregnant. Sounded crazy at first but my body adjusted pretty quickly. Didn’t always reach that goal but I came close.

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