Why my shoes aren’t for you… - March 24th, 2013

I love workout shoes (sneakers, kicks, gym shoes or whatever else you call them).  A major perk of working in the fitness industry is that I not only get to own lots of shoes, but I can also justify owning them.  🙂 I notice clients when they come in with the latest and the “greatest” workout shoes.  Hot colors, crazy laces, the more bizarre the better.  I compliment them!  “Nice kicks!”  Clients even ask me (occasionally) where I got my shoes because they would like to get a pair.  But guess what?  My shoes won’t work for you just like yours won’t work for me.

This blog is not just about “shoes” but about workouts, clothes, and even your own personalized Fitness Mission Statement.  We are all individual people with individualized biomechanics, tastes, preferences, injury histories, and overall needs.  If I tried on the shoes that work great for you, I might end up with shin splits, bunions or other mechanical issues.  Same concept applies for an individual’s personal fitness routine.  Just because a certain routine or program works for you, doesn’t mean it is going to be good or even slightly beneficial for another person.

I write this today because I want people to think BIGGER and dig deeper in regards to their own personalized fitness program.  You need to combine your own desires, style, and, above all, biomechanics to determine what the best program would be for you.  This is not a new concept.  In our daily lives, we need to be our own person and not be a mere copy cat of another person.  Tired of running in to a wall with your workouts?  The wall of injures or even the wall of plateau?  Stop trying to be something you are not and start being your own best unique self.

IMG_0421IMG_0422IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0425Do you use a personal trainer?  This is an important concept for those who hire fitness professionals to assist in their personalized program.  Does your trainer do the same exercises for most of their clients and become a copy cat?  Or do they look at what your body is capable of and the design it accordingly?

Not sure what your goals and needs are in a fitness program?  Schedule some time with a fitness professional today!  I would love to help!  Email me and let’s set up a free consult.


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